Campeche. Water Taxi / Wodna taksówka

Pretty hard to catch a taxi these days. Unless you are prepared to share with other passengers.

This is one of my favorite photos from Mexico, hence I thought I would share it with you before writing another post.

Dość trudno jest dziś złapać taksówkę. Chyba, że jesteście gotowi podzielić się nią z innymi pasażerami.

To jedno z moich ulubionych zdjęć z Meksyku, dlatego chciałem się nim z wami podzielić zanim napiszę kolejnego posta.



75 thoughts on “Campeche. Water Taxi / Wodna taksówka

    1. Hi :-) Thanks for letting me know. It indeed happens in “Reader” mode only. Should you open the blog page without using WordPress Reader you would then see the image. Nevertheless, I cannot thank you enough for letting me know, I have pasted this image again in the content of the post, so everyone can see it regardless of how they read the blog. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you Eunice! I am sure they would be excited to share the taxi with you – that is of course, should you bring a fee, something for them to eat perhaps?


  1. Now that is one brilliant image. How wonderful to catch it and what a great exposure. I love all the photos I’ve seen in your blogs (yes, I’ve been reading them this morning) and look forward to more as I’m now following you.

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