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“Nareszcie urlop…” nawiązuje do pasji podróżowania po różnych zakątkach Europy i świata. Jestem zdania, że warto jechać wszędzie tam gdzie jeszcze nas nie było i taki plan staramy się realizować.

Blog ten powstał z potrzeby udokumentowania moich wypraw (a raczej naszych, z Agą) oraz stworzenia jakiegoś “ludzkiego” systemu oglądania tysięcy zdjęć, które popełniliśmy* do tej pory. Jednocześnie, być może stanie się dla Was pewną inspiracją.

W stylu pisania dość osobisty, nierzadko krytyczny, ale mam nadzieję, że również ciekawy. Zapraszam!.


* Zdjęcia są w połowie mojego autorstwa, a w połowie Agnieszki, na blogu nie ma żadnych zdjęć ściągniętych z internetu. Zdjęcia nie są poddawane żadnej obróbce. Proszę powstrzymaj się przed ich wykorzystywaniem bez uprzedniej zgody.


“Nareszcie urlop” means “Holidays, finally!” and is written out of my passion for traveling. It is my opinion that every place we haven’t seen yet, is worth visiting. This is a plan that we’re trying to follow.

This blog helps me document my travels (or rather – our travels, together with my wife, Aga) as well as serves as a digital photo album which can be browsed more easily than the thousands of photos we have “committed*” so far. At the same time, perhaps, it might be an inspiration for YOU.

My writing is personal, often judgmental and hopefully also interesting.


* The photos were taken by myself and Aga. Neither have been downloaded from the Internet. Neither have been subject to any remastering. Please refrain from using them without consent.


173 thoughts on “O tym blogu / About

  1. Bardzo dzienkuje ze widziales mojego blogu! Nie jestem Polka, ale jeszcz mowie po polsku po 16 lat zycie w Warszawie i Lublinie.

    Bardzo mi podoba twoje zdjecie!

    Thank you so much for your interest and support of my blog; thingsunderstood.wordpress.com. Your photos of Poland bring back a lot of fantastic memories of living there. I have a great respect and love for the country, its people and customs. Great blog! I am looking forward to seven more of your work.


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    1. Thank you very much Ken. Our regards to Agnes as well :) Myself, I have visited KL and stayed a couple of weeks. Can’t say I saw a lot (this was a business trip) but I loved the city, it’s cosmopolitan character and co-existence of the cultures. Food was great as well! But of course… Malaysia cannot be KL only. I need to convince Aga to travel to Asia withe me :) Thank you for visiting! Cheers!


  2. Hi Maciek, thank you for coming by my blog and “liking” one of my posts, I really appreciate it as it always provides another opportunity to meet other bloggers. While I don’t travel much these days I enjoy reading their posts from other’s travels and love looking at the photos. ~Steph

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    1. Hi Steph! Indeed, this is a great way to meet other people and to share some of our interests :) I am so glad you came here to look at my travel blog! Cheers and have a great day!

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  3. Maciek thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I have been to Poland a few times in the early 90’s, s at least recognised the language even if I don’t speak it much. you take lovely photographs.

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    1. Thank you very much Brenda! Oh, so much has changed in Poland since the 90’s, you would not believe (even if we’re going backwards right now…). Thanks for the visit and take care!


    1. You grew up in Poland? Where about? Do have a look, I have not written much about Poland yet but more will come ☺ I well remember this scene, hilarious!


  4. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your marvellous collection of images. Keep them coming. Keep on travelling too. As a lifelong (in long life) traveller, I can tell you that you’ll never get bored with seeing things from a different perspective and in a foreign country. Even on a return visit, you’ll find new things to excite you. I look forward to reading more.

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    1. You are absolutely right! There are exciting things wherever we go, even close to us. We, for instance, have only recently started to discover our own country, Poland :-) Thank you for your kind comment, I will surely have a look at your blog as well!


  5. Thanks for visiting and liking a post I made…always return the favour as one never quite knits what to find and as you say about travelling…an undiscovered place is one to set about discovering…well, in a metaphorical sense….nice blog my friend and a follow is about to be initiated 🙃

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    1. Thank You Gary and grateful for the follow as well. I hope You will find some of my travels interesting, or inspiring. I am yet to dig deeper into your world, as it looks very tempting!

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      1. No problem at all…I love seeking new blogs out and finding more about the blogger and their interpretations of the world, culture and writing….in particular writing because of my personal interests in it. Travel is definitely inspiring too…new views, ideas and stories…looking forward to reading more…. No obligation back this way either, but if you do then I hope you find some of it vaguely interesting 🙃

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    1. Thank you Tom & Audrey. Nice to meet you too. Glad you like the blog and you are welcome to stick around and visit some parts of the world with me. In the meantime, I am going to learn a bit more about US from you guys!

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    1. Thank you Elisa, that means a lot to me and hope you will enjoy the posts. May I say, your site looks fabulous, I love the theme + Scotland is definitely a place we WILL visit. I will look for further inspiration there if you let me :-)

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  6. Nice to meet you both, fellow travelers! I like the fact that you are straightforward and honest about your experiences, just like me! :-) Your photos are great as well. Happy travels!

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  7. Hello Maciek,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. Nice to meet you and Aga! Here’s wishing you many more travels. What a wonderful way to get to know our amazing world and the amazing people in it! Regards

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  8. Thank you so much for following my blog and liking my post . I really appreciate it when fellow bloggers enjoy my blog posts . I will definitely be following yours . Happy travels and keep on blogging .

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